Grandmanor Supply List

With over 130 items you have everything you need to feel right at home in our Servants Quarters

Alarm Clock, Baking Sheet, Bathroom Plunger, Bathroom Rug, Bathtub Mat, Bed, Bedding, Blankets, Blender, Bowls, Broom, Bucket, Cake Pan, Can Opener, Casserole Dish, Chair, Cheese Grater, Cleaner, Coffee Filters*, Coffee Grinder, Coffee Pot, Coffee Table, Colander, Cookie Sheet, Cooling Rack, Cork Screw, Couch, Desk, Desk Chair, Dish Brush, Dish Cloths (4), Dish Rack, Dish Soap*, Dish Towels (4), Dish Tray, Dishwasher Soap, Door Mats, Dresser, Dresser, Dust Pan, Egg Beater, Electric Kettle, Element Covers (4), Emergency Bag, Extension Cord, Facecloths (4), Fan, Fire Extinguisher (2), Flashlight, Fridge, Fruit Bowl, Fry Pan (2), Funnel, Garbage Bags (6)*, Garbage Can, Glasses (4), Guest Book, Hair Drier, Hand Soap*, Hand Towels (4), Hangers, Hot Plate, Ice Cube Tray (2), Iron, Ironing Board, Juice Container, Keys $50 (2), Kitchen Chairs (3), Kitchen Table, Kleenex*, Knife - Bread, Knife - Chiefs, Knife, Lamps (4), Large Pot, Mats (2), Measuring Cup, Measuring Spoons, Microwave, Mirror, Mixing Bowl, Mop, Muffin Tray, Napkins*, Oven Gloves, Oven Tray, Pans (2), Paper Towels (1)*, Pen & Pencil*, Phone Book, Pie Plate, Pillows (4), Pizza Pan, Plastic Cutting Board (2), Plates, Potato Masher, Pots (3), Power Bar, Rag, Recycle Bin, Remote, Rolling Pin, Rubber Gloves*, Salad Forks, Salt and Pepper*, Scissors, Sheets, Smoke Alarms (2), SOS Pads*, Spatula, Spoon - Metal, Spoon - Plastic, Spoon - Wood, Steamer, Step Ladder, Stove, Sugar Shaker*, Table - Forks (4), Table - Knives (4), Table - Spoons (4), Table - Tea Spoons (4), Table Cloths, Tea Pot, Television, Thermometer, Toaster, Toilet Brush, Toilet Paper (2)*, Tourism Book, Towels (4), Tupperware, Umbrella, Vacuum Cleaner, Vase, Vegetable Peeler, Whisk.

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